Realm’s Year 765…

Brigid’s Heir has arrived, and hers is the right to bring back the Third Circle of Sorcery, a power Creation hasn’t seen since the end of the First Age.

As soon as the stars give away the location the sorceress’ new vessel, Jo Wan Shu, the Undergrounds Sanctuary’s Headmaster, and the Owl Elder Howakhan, one of the Thirteen Greater Shamans of the Silver Pact send a group of young Celestials to guard her from the many evils that might seek to reach her and exploit her superior mastery at sorcery for their own goals and from the hostile Second Age of Man, in which her lack of charms may put her survival in danger and prevent her from retrieving the secrets of the highest sorcery ever.

The New Mother of Spells journeys to the five corners of the world in order to find her lost knowledge, but this time she is not alone.

Will the end of her pilgrimage bring the beginning of a new Age of Wonders or will it unleash the tragic end of Creation?

Brigid's Heir

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