Brigid's Heir

12. La Dance Macabre

... tricked her into the Black Chase...

Following Wan Shu’s isntructions, the circle decides to travel to Sijan. After crossing The Bridge of the Living, they enter the subterranean level of the city. Guiwenneth decides to pay a visit to the library in search for any useful information on sorcery; there she meets a young handsome apprentice known as Nulem. Not only is Nulem charming but he also knows many things and offers Guiwenneth to take her to a secret place in the upper city’s crypts. Having developed a certain fascination with the apprentice, Guiwenneth slips out at night to meet Nulem, who guides her to a small shadowland.

The next morning, the circle searches for Guiwenneth until they find her robe and a note that says “Black Chase, she still lives”. The circle rushes to the black forest to save Guiwenneth, until the road divides into four different ways. The circle agrees to separate to find the girl and so each of them is confronted by a duo of Abyssal Exalted:

Ehawee vs. Purple Snow and The Apprentice Nulem: Purple Snow reveals to be a little girl from Fefmerle and Ehawee finds herself unable to bring her down, meanwhile, the Apprentice summons a bonestrider and necrotech artillery to finish the Lunar. Ehawee manages to survive the ice bullets of Purple Snow; when the bonestrider is complete, Snow gets inside the subsidiary cockpit to opperate the cannons and finish the foster sister that abandoned her. Ehawee turns into a shrew and gets inside the subsidiary cockpit, knocks out Purple Snow and redirects the cannons against the bonestrider, effectively finishing it off.

Ashkar vs. The Six Deaths Prince and The Broken Dreams Artificer: The Apprentice installs a series of traps all over the battlefield, while the Prince attacks Ashkar with his poisonous darts from afar. After chasing the Prince and dodging both his attacks and the traps, Ashkar decides to activate all the traps at once and destroys them barehanded, the Prince seems to be cornered and uses his vajra’s surprise trick to backstab Ashkar, but he manages to resist the poison through the fight until he delivers a devastating punch to the Prince and the Abyssal decides it’s time for retreat.

Rowtag vs. Ocean of Silence and The Pheasant Illuminated by Darkness: Ocean of Silence

Eir vs. The Fakir of the Endless Vertebral Tower and The Master of the Iron Testament:



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