Brigid's Heir

11. Noon Duel at Rivertown

... a new palace for her...

The circle arrives to the outskirts of Rivertown where they take a break at one of the many water mirrors of the area. While enjoying a brief moment of leisure, Rowtag is confronted by the gunslinger Flintlocke who takes him for a river pirate. Rowtag and Flintlocke fight until Guiwenneth explains the situation to Flintlocke, who then offers to escort her and her friends to the gates of Rivertown.

Inside the city, the circle notices a great amount of shogunate-era excavation machinery. Minister Cobei manages to meet them in secret and tells them that a group of scavegers known as the Hurricane Dragon Gang, has taken the inhabitants hostage and have begun a series of archaeological diggings on the city’s sacred shrine, the “Palace Under the River”, a powerful manse handed to the people of Rivertown by King Darius from which they descend.

The leader of the scavengers, Erzai Shuyin Afrar orders his men to break the dome seals of the palace to gain access to its treasures, but the breaking of the seals destabilize the essence flows of the manse, causing it to massively accumulate essence.

With only a couple of minutes to stop a manse explosion, the circle and Flintlocke fight against the Hurricane Dragon Gang, facing the outcast Gen Shuyin Afrar, who’s powerful enought to be able to break Shaym’s spine against the river’s floor; as the explosion approaches, Flintlocke uses his own body to block an eruption of essence while Guiwenneth repaired the manse’s seals using Incantation of Effective Restoration.

After defeating the scavengers, Guiwenneth is able to attune to the Palace Under the River and then asks Flintlocke if he would be willing to join them, but he rejects the offer objecting that: “I’m in a quest to find my lost sister, her name is Renuko”. Guiwenneth is about to tell him about the woman in Yarax, but Rowtag stops her as he thinks it would be best if Flintlocke’s determination to do good and spirit remain intact.



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