Eclipse Caste Solar: Rider diplomat of the Scavenger Lands


Ashkar, a young Marukani horsebreeder and merchant who, unlike most eastrners, exhibits pale skin and silver white hair; the specific reasons for this are unknown even to him, although some supersticious folk around Celeren used to say that Ashkar was blessed by Hiparkes at birth, “giving him the same colors as his fur and mane as he runs through the horizon”.

Ashkar lived a normal life, he maintained his family’s lands along with his parents and his wife carrying his child in her womb. Little did he know that a secret horror was following him, watching his every move, watching and waiting.

Ashkar and his family returned from the market season in Celeren, when they were suddenly attacked by a group of raiders trying to steal their best horses. Knowing the plains better than anyone, young Ashkar took his spear and rode his favorite mare “Hope” to engage with the bandits, he took them by surprise and brought them down one by one, he and his mount’s movements matched each others perfectly, that ride had been a work of art and when it ended, his brow was already adorned by the Eclipse mark of the Unconquered Sun.

But the worst was yet to come, when the last of the bandits fled, Ashkar heard the screams of his wife at the distance. He rode faster than lighting to her side, but it was too late, his family had been murdered by a beast covered in green flames. Ashkar took his spear and tried to fight the monster, but he was completely overwhelmed by its might, he was unable to avenge those closest to him. The creature laughed and told him the nightmare was just beginning and that it would only become worse for the rest of his life.

Alone… Ashkar buried his family and broke the spear that failed him, from now on he would never depend on a weapon again, the next time the monster appeared, he would fight it with his bare hands, the next time, he would avenge his most beloved.

And then came Wan Shu, he was accompanied by a Linowan man at the time. Wan Shu offered Ashkar the advice he needed to understand his new power but also offered him a way to let go all his anger before it preyed on his own soul.

Ashkar accepted…


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