Ehawee Windsong

No Moon Caste Lunar: Mysterious laughing woman


Ehawee grew up in the Haslanti League, in Fort Bear’s prosperous Emerald of Fefmerle. Through her life, she witnessed the passing of the airboats and the Ice Walker’s migrations, she dreamt of becoming a Dreamseer like her mother.

Fefmerle was under the protection of the moon-shaman Howakhan Hototo, who taught the villagers the ways to survive the winters and the names of the forest spirits. Ehawee once got lost in the forest when she was a child but unlike anyone else, she took the experience with fascinating joy, she walked throught the frozen lake following a family of hares and even climbed to the top of a tree just to return a fallen bird to it’s nest. Howakhan watched the girl merge with the environment, never showing a sign of fear despite the fact that she had gone completely astray. Just before nightfall, the shaman made himself visible and took her back home.

When Ehawee was 19, in the night of new moon, the Wyld Hunt came to Fefmerle, her parents spotted them before they arrived and quickly sent Ehawee to warn Howakhan, they tried to buy her some time, but the hunters came with readied weapons and took Ehawee’s parents lives heartlessly as they entered the Emerald.

A swirling cloud of silver swallows descended from the night sky and completely covered Ehawee, transforming her into one of the Argent Madonna’s Chosen. Later Howakhan arrived and found the young woman covered with the blood of the hunters while she tightly hugged her parents.

Since that day Howakhan took care of the newly exalted Lunar and introduced her to the Silver Pact society. Young Ehawee passed her rite of passage through guile and wisdom and was fixed as a No Moon by Howakhan’s hand. They quested together through the Wyld, where Howakhan showed her the theatrical kingdoms of the Princes of Chaos and the lairs of their Behemoths, until Ehawee was given a vision about her past self and her solar mate.

They returned to Creation, where Howakhan gave her two gifts, the Moonsilver sword Lenmana and a feathersteel crossbow to help her hunt her dreams and foes alike. Before separating their ways, Howakhan asked his dearest disciple to fly to the East and find Brigid’s heir…

Ehawee Windsong

Brigid's Heir Marce