Rowtag of the Gudahi

Zenith Caste Solar: Former Linowan raider.


Rowtag’s clan was completely wiped by Haltan warriors the day of his birth; he was found and adopted by the Ogaleesha boat clan and raised as one of them as Linowan traditions dictate. He was taught about the whims of the many rivers every Linowan must travel, and later he began training to become a prominent raider so that one day he would join a war band and travel to the Haltan border where he would avenge his clan, killing as many Haltans as possible.

Rowtag dreamt of the day in which he would return to Rubylak with his war comrades, carrying a dozen Haltan logs with him; his people would recognize the valor of his lost clan and the shamans would craft a mask for him.

But then, the Bull of the North came, joined forces with the southern kingdoms and the Haltan and brought a terrible defeat on the Linowan Nation. The Linowan Queen turned to the Realm for help, exchanging part of the sovereignity of the Linowan in the process, all in vain, for the Realm was defeated too.

Four years later, the Ogaleesha fought against the joined forces of the Icewalkers and Haltans to retrieve a territory of the Linowan Nation. But the invaders were too strong, the Ogaleesha weren’t a match for them, the battle was about to be lost, but then Rowtag called his allies to endure and stand their ground, he swore that they would not back down, that he had survived the Haltan before and that the spirit of the Gudahi clan still lived in his blood and bones. Rowtag was given his second breath and wielding the sun’s power he and the remaining of the Ogaleesha expeled the invaders and destroyed their base.

The Unconquered Sun came to him in a vision and told him that from now on, his nation would be the whole Creation and that he should find a way to make it stand as one again. He saw the mark on his forehead reflected in the river’s water and knew that the Realm would brand him as Anathema and that they would take reprisal against the Linowan, claiming that they had allied with the Bull. So he decided to leave, until he found the strength to come back and confront the Bull, the Realm and the Haltan Republic.

He was found by Wan Shu as he drifted to the Scavenger Lands, the sidereal promised to train him and give him the wisdom to fulfill his destiny… but first they needed to go to the Marukani plains.

Rowtag of the Gudahi

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