Seventh Blade

Air Aspect Terrestrial: Soldier from another age


In RY 766 Seventh Blade’s “tomb” was found and looted by the famous Scavenger Lord Erzai Shuyin Afrar, who managed to break the locks on the main chamber’s entrance and deactivated the magic seals that protected the chest inside. Expecting a plethora of powerful artifacts, Erzai opened the chest, but found nothing in it besides a giant polyhedron of white translucent crystal. At the center of the crystal Erzai could see the silhouette of a human; mistaking it for a mere mummified corpse, he ordered his men to break it to see if the corpse had any of his past possessions with it and to collect the pieces of the mineral for later thaumaturgical uses. Before Erzai’s men could install the demolition machinery they used to break through walls (and occasionally coffins), they were all murdered, their throats still bleeding while a young and small woman wearing a red mask around her eyes, pointed a slim sword’s tip against Erzai’s forehead. “You still have a part to play Scavenger, run, gather a new troop of henchmen and continue with your life for a while, it is not I who will take it” terrified by the woman’s words, Erzai left the tomb limping as he always did.

The woman then recited a brief enchantment and commanded the crystal to break while a blue aura extended form her feet throughout the floor and walls of the chamber. The crystal shattered immediately and the man inside of it woke up, opening his eyes for the first time in more than a thousand years, his body felt weakened by the long sleep and he held no memory of his past. “Your name is Seventh Blade, I am Guram Zranjir, your memory will come back eventually, trust me, but for now I need to ask something of you, seventy days from now I’ll need you to infiltrate the largest city of ‘em all, here’s a map and some instructions, I’ll be waiting for you there”. Guram helped Seventh Blade out of the tomb and gave him a backpack before the sun came out “You’ll find the world is a lot different from what you remember, I’ve arrange everything so you’ll find a place to establish without any problems, here are some supplies for the journey too, good luck, I’m counting on you Blade”, Seventh Blade had just started to digest all of the information when he stopped the little woman, “Wait, how do I know that you are trustworthy?” Guram turned back and smiled confidently “But I am trustworthy? Don’t worry you’ll remember soon enough” and as the morning rose the mysterious woman was already gone.

Seventh Blade followed the woman’s instructions and arrived to Lookshy a week later, there he was accepted as a conscript in one of the traveling patrols. Since then he’s been gaining renown as a great soldier and his fellow companions are starting to rumor that “Blade’s got what it takes to be Shogun”. None of this interests Seventh Blade, he doesn’t care about Dragon Blooded politics, in fact he didn’t know they could have ever existed, and now that his memories are coming back and the day of searching for Guram Zranjir is near, he hopes he’ll get all the answers he needs…

Seventh Blade

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