Day Caste Abyssal: Hero of the Underworld


Born Eir Bloodgood, he was raised in Gradafes, a land governed by the puppet of The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears he grew as a shepherd but later he decided to join a group of bandits in hopes that he would be able to achieve a better life for him and his girlfriend Saari.

The bandits worked for the Nexus mafia and attacked Guild caravans that travel to the North, Eir’s physical prowess won him the respect of his comrades and soon he began escalating through the criminal organization. The leader of the band wanted to meet these “bandit prodigy” and invited him to his mansion in Nexus, where he would promote him and make him chief of his own band.

In Nexus, Eir was asked to take the life of one of the members of a rival sindicate to prove his loyalty to the band leader. Knowing that this wasn’t what he wanted for him and Saari, Eir refused and decided to leave the band, but the only way to get out was either dead or as a cripple. Eir was pursued by his former crime partners and while he ran, hide and sliped through them he recieved to mark of the Night and was chosen a champion of the Unconquered Sun.

Wan Shu, came to him along with a Marukani rider and a Linowan man. He offered help to gain his independence from the criminal organization, and the training Eir would need to master his new strength. Together Eir, Ashkar and Rowtag became the Underground Sanctuary.

Eir accompanied Guiwenneth, Brigid’s Heir through her journey across the Scavenger Lands until the battle in Black Chase, when he was utterly defeated by the Fakir of the Endless Vertebral Tower, and taken prisoner inside a Monstrance of Celestial portion, where his will was finaly broken by the Deathlord’s speech and Solar Eir Bloodgood was transformed into the Abyssal The Shameful Rumored Phenom.

As “Shaym” he encountered his old circle and rebeled against his Deathlord with the help of the Hekathonkhire Typhon Serpent. Now Shaym has declared war to his Deathlord while he searches for a place for him as an Abyssal, he doesn’t believe any of the Deathlord’s propaganda anymore, Shaym believes that the Underworld plays an important role in the balance of things…


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