Brigid's Heir

10. The Battle of Yarax
... a woman made of sand...

Eir, Ehawee, Guiwenneth and Rowtag infiltrate The Yellow Fortress Yarax, while Ashkar goes to the surviving river elementals and ask for their help to cleanse the river; the elementals create a huge wave, breaking the walls of the fortress. The force of the river also breaks the vitriol pools the cult built all over the river and soon the Metody and the river nymphs begin to fight each other.

The circle reunites at the central tower Omaron O’Rengra and take advantage of the ruckus to climb to it’s top. Sister Agath sacrifices herself and a group of worshipers to summon Rengramul the Quadruple, who appears and says: “It is Brigid’s destiny to return to her true masters, now she will stay with Bor Arg Bah, give her to us and I’ll spare you much of the suffering, resist and the agony will be eternal”.

The Demon breaks into his four selves and fights the circle. Meanwhile the river’s flow breaks through the fortress and slips down river until it’s poluted waters are absorbed by the roots of Racoral’s Forest; the vitriol then causes the demon-blooded trees to grow disproportionately and uncontrolled.

The circle destroys Rengramul and he speaks his last words: “This is not a victory, know that what one hand does, the other cannot stop, this and all the remaining ages of man will fall, only when the Yozi have returned will Creation find a future, this is just the prelude of the conflict to come!”

Suddenly, a woman appears calling herself Renuko Queen of the Bor Arg Bah; she summons a sandstorm while an hourglass shines on her forehead. The sand destroys the tower and the circle fall with the derbris to the river.

Ashkar takes his Phantom Steed Namine and goes to Racoral’s Forest to find the hermit but he only manages to salvage his corpse. The circle decide to burn the forest before it spreads any further and the two brothers are incinerated together.

Later, a pure sprout emerges from the forest’s ashes, the first tree still lives…

9. The Fisher of Men
... they knew she would come...

The circle find the enraged Garkas and fight him; Ashkar delivers the final blow and destroys his physical form, before dematerializing, Garkas offers Ashkar a boon for freeing him as soon as his body regenerates.

Meanwhile, Racoral recieves an unexpected visit at his home and is crushed by millions of grains of silver sand…

8. Racoral's Forest
... she was mother to us both...

Osbeas took the circle to the Red River, a lesser river that crossed a the Racoral’s Forest. When the circle disembarks, they are attacked by a group of enraged river elementals, and after scaring them away, the circle is met by the mysterious man Racoral.

As soon as the name of Brigid is mentioned, Racoral takes them to his cabin, there he tells them about the first tree that lived there, progenitor of the present forest and explains that he and it are half brothers, both sons of the demon Sausebet, everyday he collects the forest’s acorns to prevent it from spreading through the region. He also tells Guiwenneth that not only was a demon involved at the beginning of Brigid’s original pilgrimage; but that sorcery is a force inherently tied to the Primordials and Yozi.

Racoral tells Guiwenneth that once the Primordials surrendered, they accepted a pact that enabled sorecerers to call on their brethren and that the power the call the mightiest souls of the imprisoned titans would be hers to comand in the Second Age.

Racoral also reveals that the fingers of the Yozi extend far from their prison and that a group of their worshipers, going by the name of Bor Arg Bah had already established up river lead by Sister Agath which is an identity more than a real person. The Bor Arg Bah had infected the river god Garkas with “Tears from the Sixth Eye”, an infernal formula, and were using him as guardian for their new base, they were about to summon the Second Circle Demon Rengramul who would crown the new High Priestess of the Cult at midnight.

The circle decides to put an end to the cult’s plan and goes to Garkas’ Sanctuary to gain access to Bor Arg Bah’s fortress…

7. Greyfalls' Failed Revolt
... to take her somewhere safe...

In Greyfalls, the circle is contacted in Mist Town by a man with six fingers on his left hand: Terin of the Miruda, thinking that the circle is a group of mercenaries, Terin tells them about the uprising the peoples that compose Greyfalls’ population are about to unleash. Their main goal is to overthrow the current Satrap Nellens Rombulac.

The circle then goes to Garrison Heights, where the nobles live and visit the Ledaal Mansion and meet Ledaal Galafan, a young dynast in charge of the family’s private collections of relics and tomes. Disguising themselves as exotic collectionists, the circle learns about Smirra’s rings, which were stolen after his death; the rings constitute an ancient key put in Ledaal’s custody centuries ago.

Meanwhile a man entitled as the Executor accompanied by two Wyld Hunt Shikari, arrive to Greyfalls and brings with him explicit orders from the All-Seeing Eye, he destitutes Nellens Rombulac and promotes General Kitono to be the new Satrap of Greyfalls.

The circle decides to keep an eye on the Executor to learn more about his intentions, Eir spies on him and discovers that the Executor has already captured all the insurgents that plotted the revolt including Terin. One of the Shikari notices Eir presence and they go after him. The rest of the circle recieves Eir’s signal and break through the edifice to back him up.

The twin Shikari nicknamed Eliminator and Afterburner are old enough to be a match for the circle of young celestials, they bring down Ehawee but are ultimately defeated. The Executor arrives and puts aside his disguise, revealing himself as a powerful sidereal, he performs the Border of Kaleidoscopic Logic Form and gains control of Ashkar, Eir and Rowtag, and makes them attack Guiwenneth. The circle is saved by Mercury’s grace, and Wan Shu appears just in time to break the Executor’s charm and confront him while the circle escapes from Greyfalls.

The circle boards a boat driven by the god Osbeas and he takes them as far from Greyfalls as possible

6. The Great Forks Massacre II
... there's only one condition...

A woman calling herself Blind Emerald arrives to Great Forks and demands an audience with the Three.

Blind Emerald says that she has come on her master’s behalf, to offer a cure to the people of Great Forks, she says that the assassin was sent by an enemy of her master and that he is ready to offer his support against the threat. The Benefactor only asks in return to establish an alliance with the government of the Three.

The gods of Great Forks can’t stand the sight of their people dying from the disease and accept the offer. Blind Emerald seals the pact in the name of the Neverborn and then offers some extra advice: she tells the Three that the assassin goes by the title of Six Deaths Prince and came from a fortress located at the borders of the Ossuary of Pyrron.

The circle volunteers to go in search of the assassin. The fortress is guarded by a group of nemissary-ridden bandits, Ashkar defeats their leader Rokrid while Eir infiltrates and follows the Prince to the basement of the fortress where he meets with a ghost prisoner named Sylvens in the dungeon. Six Deaths dissapears and Eir frees the ghost.

Sylvens has been cursed by the assassin and is unable to tell anything about their conversation. Any information he could grant would send him to the abyss immediately. Sylvens recognizes Ashkar’s essence and decides that he still has things to do before his soul is destroyed. Before he goes back to the Underworld, Sylvens tells the circle to go to Greyfalls and look for Ledaal Smirra’s nephew Galafan if they want to know more about the plans of the Prince.

Knowing that Great Forks is in a very tight situation, the circle decides to investigate more about the death of Smirra and the mysterious Benefactor that conveniently appeared…

5. The Great Forks Massacre I
... let me tell you about Brigid...

While the circle travels to Great Forks, Guiwenneth is visited in her dreams by Dreamweaver, and is welcomed to her city.

At their arrival, the circle is recieved by the God Blooded Margoye, who introduces them to the city and guides them to the Temple of the Three to meet with Great Forks’ gods.

Talespinner tells Guiwenneth the story of Brigid, her long journey, the relics she recieved at each direction and how she finally learned to cast magic and then shared that gift with her fellow exalts. At the end of their meeting, the gods invite the circle to Dayshield’s parade that is about to be celebrated.

During Dayshield’s parade, special guest of the year Ledaal Smirra is murdered by an unidentified assassin who also cuts his hands and take them with him. The circle tries to catch the assassin, but he spreads toxic grenades during his escape, affecting dozens of bystanders and even Guiwenneth and Margoye. Ehawee manages to corner the fugitive, but is taken by surprise and paralyzed by the touch of the assassin’s pet salamander.

After the assassin’s escape, the people affected by the toxin begin to develop symptoms of a strange illness which keeps spreading through the city and takes hundreds of victims…

4. Sansern
... they also call her Mother Bog...

The circle travels to Sansern’s Ford, a place known for it’s astonishing beauty, situated near the peaceful village of Cecob.

In Cecob, the circle meets a group of Outcaste teenagers: Jan, Isu and Diro, who live in the “The Garden of Sextes Jylis” an orphanage founded by monk Azu, an old Dragon Blooded veteran from the Blessed Isle, who after years of campaigning with his brotherhood chose to do something for the children that had lost their homes and families in the endless conflicts of the Age of Sorrows.

After hearing their story, the next day the circle goes to Sansern in hopes of finding any related clues about Brigid and/or sorcery in general; however, the place where the ford should be, is instead occupied by a mysterious swamp. Without success the circle goes back to Cecob where they encounter a group of grotesque creatures attacking the villagers and demanding “flesh for the swamp”.

After defeating the creatures, the circle meets “F”, a famous archaeologist of the Scavenger Lands, he tells them that the swamp wasn’t meant to be there in the first place and that it had been spotted in different places over the years, it was an ancient creature that roamed the land demanding human sacrifices from small villages and towns since the end of the First Age. He also explains that the creature cannot be completely killed, since it’s heart had been divided in four throughout Creation, but, nevertheless it would still cause it great pain if one of her hearts was to be destroyed.

Ashkar goes in search of a manse in which F had located one of Mother Bog’s hearts. Meanwhile Eir, Ehawee, Rowtag and Guiwenneth defend Cecob from a huge army of shamblers. Ashkar manages to retrieve the heart and goes back to the swamp, there he demands to hear what the swamp has to say. Mother Bog tells him that she was severely wounded by one of the Solar Exalted in the past and that everything she does is inscribed in her own nature; Ashkar offers Mother Bog to collect and protect the four pieces of her heart if she leaves Sansern and it’s deities free again. Mother Bog accepts the pact and she and her shamblers leave.

When Guiwenneth arrives to Sansern, the spirits of the ford Yin-ye and Sao-Yan-Me welcome her as the Mother of Spells and show her the formula of a powerful spell inscribed in the landscape of Sansern by the Great Salinan Work “When Guiwenneth reaches the Third Circle she may be able to cast this spell on Creation and cleanse it’s surface once again”.

Just before leaving Sansern to continue their journey, the circle bumps into monk Azu, who saw them reveal their real nature during the fight against the shamblers, but decided to put his grudge for the Anathema aside and even gives them some supplies and some Seeds of Immaculate Blood that might come in handy…

3. Cult of the Humiliated
... give back the girl or else...

The next morning the circle moves forward, making a brief stop at one of the Guild’s errant markets, before going to the ruins known as the Abandoned Fortress where Wan Shu would contact them and give further advice.

The circle established a camp in the middle of the fortress awaiting for Wan Shu’s message, when they were suddenly ambushed by the Bor Arg Bah leaded by Sister Agath herself.

Bor Arg Bah’s forces were defeated again and the enigmatic priestess dies in the explosion of her own infernal artillery.

By morning Wan Shu’s messenger pigeon arrives with a letter for the circle, in which he points out a number of places they should visit. Relics, information and important lessons are to be found in those places, but also the future of some of them has been obscured by forces outside fate.

Mafal Ari
Racoral’s Forest
The Republic of Chaya

Great Forks

2. A Graceful Wicked Task
... her dreams are exquisite...

The Raksha Entertainer Ebergol of the Crystal Antlers contacts Guiwenneth while she slept and lures her to his Circus Phantasmagoria, to steal her precious dreams from the First Age.

The circle goes in search for Guiwenneth but to reach the Main Stage, they must fight Ebergol’s bodyguards: Brightbeard Amilon and Young Splendora.

Ebergol is defeated, Ashkar forces an oath on him so that he never attempts to harm Guiwenneth again, and Ehawee stoles Ebergol’s Cup Grace asking him to forge her a Grace in exchange.

With his pride completely broken, the Raksha leaves, taking his Circus Phantasmagoria with him…

1. Return of the Sorceress
... her name is Guiwenneth...

The Yozi Cult Bor Arg Bah invades the little town of Refel and kidnaps all the girls around 13 years old.

Night Caste Eir, Zenith Caste Rowtag, Eclipse Caste Ashkar and No Moon Ehawee follow Bor Arg Bah’s trail which leads them to the Black Temple.

The leader of the cult, Sister Agath unleashes a group of Blood Apes against the girls, the danger of the situation propitiates Guiwenneth to recieve Brigid’s exaltation shard. The newly exalted solar uses her sorcery to banish the demons.

The other celestials arrive and battle the cultists to rescue the girls from Refel. Part of the temple crumbles and Sister Agath is crushed by the debris.

Back in Refel, Guiwenneth decides to leave the town and seek the secrets of sorcery that are now calling for her. Guiwenneth says goodbye to her grandfather, her only family and promises to send letters and goods from all around Creation.

And so, Brigid’s second pilgrimage begins…


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