Brigid's Heir

1. Return of the Sorceress
... her name is Guiwenneth...

The Yozi Cult Bor Arg Bah invades the little town of Refel and kidnaps all the girls around 13 years old.

Night Caste Eir, Zenith Caste Rowtag, Eclipse Caste Ashkar and No Moon Ehawee follow Bor Arg Bah’s trail which leads them to the Black Temple.

The leader of the cult, Sister Agath unleashes a group of Blood Apes against the girls, the danger of the situation propitiates Guiwenneth to recieve Brigid’s exaltation shard. The newly exalted solar uses her sorcery to banish the demons.

The other celestials arrive and battle the cultists to rescue the girls from Refel. Part of the temple crumbles and Sister Agath is crushed by the debris.

Back in Refel, Guiwenneth decides to leave the town and seek the secrets of sorcery that are now calling for her. Guiwenneth says goodbye to her grandfather, her only family and promises to send letters and goods from all around Creation.

And so, Brigid’s second pilgrimage begins…


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